Sincere Sympathy is extended to the Families of:

Elvin Wollbrink, Shawna Marzahl, Emmett Schrader,
Rodney Yuskis
PLEASE keep the families in your thoughts and prayers.


Please, Keep the below people in your thoughts and PRAYERS

Janet Thompson

Tammy Brower

Greg Savage

Aleetha Hanks

Christy Roskamp

Charles Junior Hufendick

Marilyn Hufendick

Ruth Hufendick

Larry Hufendick

Gerald Fielding

Brenda Reiter

Rose Goldwater

Alan Brackensick

Betsy Powell

Jade Doyle

Lydia Young

Carrie Kelly

Mary Jo Frakes

Debbie Lionberger

Lois Hunolt

Brett Schrader

Jim Little

Dean Woodruff

Linnae Smith

Daniel Mason

Jerry Jenkins

Lyle Gillham

Mike Koltenbach

Jamie Burnett

Diane Fuller

Dale Young

Marial Mathews

Donna Mathner

Carolyn Brown

Aubrey Brown

Curtis Robbins

Tom Groves

Kathy Rheinhart

Dave Campbell

Jason Boyer

Lila Schafer

Brad Taylor

Andrew Hendricks

Tim Crose

Sydney Mead

Bliss Family

Eli Campos



Bob Doussard

PFC Jason Hallet

S/Sgt Guillermo Tejada

The Military

All Veterans 

First Responders

Medical Personnel

Wounded Warriors

  Please Keep Them in Our PRAYERS


Darwin Smith (June 13)

 Annette Smith (June 13

Paul Casady (June 13)

Delinda Mulch (June 21)