Women's Fellowship

Meet First Wednesday of Month

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We are publishing a cookbook with over 300 recipes titled
Bethany’s Heavenly Cookbook.
Its anticipated arrival is
Sept 1, 2023. Cost is $15.

If you wish to purchase one, contact a women’s fellowship member or send an email to bethanyuccwomen@gmail.com to reserve a copy. Please include your name, address, & phone number in the email with the number of books.

Monies from the cookbook sales will go to the church hall island project. Pickup locations will be announced after the books have arrived.


Women's Fellowship Goals

  1. Learn more about the Bible
  2. Increase membership
  3. Be of service to others


President:               Elma Stoll

Vice President:     Marian Bland

Secretary:               Delinda Mulch

Treasurer:              Shirley Roskamp


Program Chairperson:      Elma Stoll



Sunshine Cards:                Elma Stoll & Officers

All Gifts:                              Tami Roskamp

Auditing:                             Same as Church

Pianist:                                Elma Stoll